SAP on Azure

20+ SAP systems infrastructure as a code setup on Azure. I was main developer of all automation and technical architect. With team we started work with Azure in 2017. First challenge was to migrate production ERP landscape to Azure within 3 months. It may seem long time… unless you would know the requirements:

  • deploy foundation components (networks, security groups, security settings, backup servers, dedicated appliance, repository, forward proxy…)
  • setup of SAP infrastructure in Infrastructure as a Code way
  • automated installation of vanilla SAP systems, which can be easily replaced by migrated Live system
  • everything according best practices with next managed disks – not handled at this time yet by ARM
  • with business requirements for the most challenging RPO & quick RTO
  • a lot of dependencies with highly regulated on-premise infrastructure
  • regulated environment (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley)

All successfully delivered. Do you want to provide another challenge ?