SAP on Azure

Are you ready for SAP on Azure journey ? Check if below agenda for one day introduction workshop suits for your team:

09:0010:00SAP on Public Cloud with Azure focus – background
10:0010:30Main SAP requirements towards Azure
10:5011:30Participants – hands-on guided exercises to introduce Azure Portal
11:3012:30Live demo – VMs deployment for SAP NetWeaver & SAP HANA on Linux
13:2014:00Networking & landing zones concepts in Azure
14:0014:30Quick glance at SAP Business Suite & S/4 HANA reference architectures on Azure
14:3016:30Each of participants is building infrastructure for S/4 HANA minimal setup
16:3017:00Review of prepared infrastructure & summary

Agenda may be adjusted if agreed by both sides (e.g. we can do things for SAP ERP on SQL Server, Oracle etc).

What is included in the offer

  • conduct one business day long workshop at your company office for 5 participants
  • presentation – shared with you for internal use after the training
  • live demo presentation
  • hands-on exercises for participants to get acquainted with SAP on Azure – technical instructions from exercises are provided for your reference after workshops
  • anonymized online survey results with workshop’s assessment by participants

What requirements do we have

  • participants should have at least junior level SAP Basis & Linux experience (for hands-on exercises). No Azure experience needed.
  • each of the participants should have access to resource group with possibility to create VMs up to 8 vCPUs from DSv2 series & M-series (these may be provided by as part of workshops)
  • participants should bring laptop with Chrome browser & have internet access during hands-on parts of workshops
  • provide training room with internet access (assuming no low latency LTE connectivity available)