2019 #4 GDG Bydgoszcz meetup

    Yesterday Bydgoszcz (city of my childhood 🙂 ) hosted very good evening Google Developers Group community event.

We had three presentations, two first very good:

  • “Not all Databases are created equal: How to choose the right one for you” by Michał Zyliński from Google
  • “Atos Smart Office – Digital Workplace truly powered by AI” by Przemysław Plodzien from Atos
  • “Automate Google Cloud Platform with Terraform” which I had privilege to present

For the last one you will find slides below. Slides are small part of the story, due to:

  • missing demos
  • missing speech
  • missing your questions
  • missing You.

I hope slides will be good re-cap for all who attended and good incentive for those who not joined us yesterday to come in-person to the next GDG Bydgoszcz meetup 🙂

Thank you all who attended & organizers Sebastian, Jarosław & Konrad!